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What form of payments do you take?

Cash is preferred but we will also happily take payID, BEEMIT or Card

What will the Transaction be displayed as on my bank statement?

No need to stress! Your bank statement and digital receipt will not have our name on it. We understand and respect the discretion and privacy of our clients and we will not jeopardise this in any way. All of ur billing is discreet and non-industry related to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Are Banana Girls tested regularly for STDs?

No need to stress! Your bank statement and digital receipt will not have our name on it. We understand and respect the discretion and privacy of our clients and we will not jeopardise tOf course! Health and hygiene is of our upmost priority at Banana Girls. We regularly schedule our girls in for health checks as often as the NSW Health Organisation recommends. If for some reason any of our girls happens to miss an appointment, they will not be available for booking until they have been checked. This is to ensure the health of not only our beautiful escorts but also our incredible clients! We also have our girls conduct health checks on our clients upon arrival (if needed) just to ensure safety for both parties involved. If you have any more concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to call on (phone number) or visit

I have an unusual request/kink/fetish can Banana Girls help?

No need to stress! Your bank statement and digital receipt will not have our name on it. We Yes of course! Banana Girls is an incredibly kink friendly agency and we try our best to make sure we’re covered across as many kinks and fetishes that we can. Our models do not judge and will not kink shame. Please make sure to run any kinks and fetishes by our accommodating receptionists so that we can ensure you’re paired up with the perfect model. We will endeavour to make sure your fantasy comes to life, but there may be some pre-planning needed that may incur an additional cost (if additional toys, costumes etc are required).

Are the models in your Gallery accurate and genuine photos?

Absolutely. We make sure we are frequently updating our models photos to keep them up to date with any hair/body changes so that our clients have no surprises when it comes to meeting our models face to face. We are an agency that likes to be transparent with our clients, and we are not looking to dupe or fool anyone into any bookings.

Why don’t some models show their face?

Privacy and discretion is of the upmost importance within our agency and it goes not only for our clients but also for our escorts. Some of our girls work corporate jobs outside of our agency so we wont to make sure they have complete anonymity with us.

Do you have social media?

Yes we do! Please don’t hesitate to add us on Tiktok where you will see fresh, daily content. Follow us on our Instagram!

It’s my first time, what happens?

No need to be nervous. Our receptionists will guide you through any booking queries you may have to make sure you’re getting the perfect escort that will suit your needs. After you’ve secured your booking, our escorts are highly trained to bring an air of sophistication and relaxation to every job to make sure you feel at ease.

I really enjoy my time with a certain escort, I would like to go on a vacation with her, is that possible?

Absolutely you can. Our escorts work hard but also love to play hard, and there’s nothing better than being whisked away on a holiday with some of our favourite clients. Return flights and meals must be paid for in addition to the escort price agreed between both client and model. These must be paid in full before jetting off to your holiday destination. Please make sure you’re reaching our to our receptionists to organise the vacation on behalf of your favourite model!

What if I don’t get along with my escort halfway through the appointment?

We are an agency that endeavour to provide perfect service with every booking we take on, but we understand that we may hit that mark only 99% of the time. If on the rare chance you decide you don’t want to go any further with our escort, please reach out to our receptionist and we can organise another escort to come out to you. Uber return fees are expected to be paid for in full with each escort you book, including if you would like to cancel halfway through an appointment. With midway cancellations we do not offer refunds except for dire situations that is on a case by case basis. If you believe you qualify for a refund, please reach out to our receptionists who can rectify this situation for you.

We are a couple, is that ok?

Absolutely. We have specific girls that are catered to looking after couples and ensuring that you and your partner have an incredible time!

I live far away from Sydney CBD; can I still use your service?

Dependant on distance. We may require a minimum of a 2 hour booking plus a deposit if you do live up to 40 minutes away from the CBD. Anything further than that please let our receptionists know and we can see what we can do to accommodate you.

Can I spend time with more than one escort?

Yes! The more company the better, right? All of our Banana Babes love to party with each other and will make sure you are having an absolute ball with each and every one of them! Please reach out to our receptionists who can organise any other available models to go join you as a duo.

Can I film/take photos in appointments?

Absolutely not under any circumstances are you or our escorts are allowed to photograph or film any portion of your time together without prior discussion and consent. Here at Banana Girls we truly do pride ourselves in ensuring privacy and discretion for both our clients and our escorts. If you would like to film or photograph any part of your time together with one of our girls, please make sure to discuss this with our receptionists to ensure consent from both parties involved. An additional fee may incur if you would like this service, but there will be boundaries that you will need to abide by.

Any breaches of personal space are a crime and law enforcement will be contacted.

I don’t have condoms

No need to stress. All of our Banana Babes will bring everything that you could possibly need with them on the night of the booking!

What does GFE mean?

We have a full range of abbreviations that we use in our industry, and we’ve compiled a glossary what everything here!

Any other questions?

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