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We provide a wide range of models from local ladies to women from all over the world. We can cater to all your needs and desires.

With our agency you don’t have to worry about being duped with our models. We have frequent photoshoots to keep our content fresh, and the models in the photos will be the model that you will meet in person. All models in the photos are 100% genuine, with money back guarantee.

Clarice Waters

*Hair twirl* It’s me! Hello! Think Marilyn Monroe vibes but with a journalism degree. Let’s drink, party, chat and play. My greatest weakness is the weekend haha With love, Clarice
“Meow Meow, come pet me, I promise I won’t hiss or scratch… I will just purr if you get me in the right place” – Kitty =^.^=
“My philosophy is “why choose?”. Do you want to Dominate your little princess? Submit to your new favourite Goddess? Let’s do all of it, and then have a spliff.”
“Hello! Thank you for clicking on me! I am a lover of music and books, so if I show up and you have a decent book collection and a killer playlist, I am putty in your hands” – Nyx
“I have a heart of gold and a sweet nature, I am the genuine girl-next-door of your dreams” With love, Ollie xx
Bonjou! I’m on a quest to find my Prince! But I’ll settle for a Jester if you make me laugh… Princess X

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