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Clarice Waters

*Hair twirl* It’s me! Hello! Think Marilyn Monroe vibes but with a journalism degree. Let’s drink, party, chat and play. My greatest weakness is the weekend haha With love, Clarice


Clarice is a gorgeous European westie with blonde hair and a very cheeky smile. She was a topless waitress before arriving at BG so you better believe she can pour you the perfect beer while entertaining you. Her lap dances are legendary, and everyone has had the pleasure of getting one at the office, we highly recommend them! She has a larger-than-life personality, she is bubbly, cute and always in a mood to party. If you don’t want “boring”, and prefer a lady with sass and personality, book Clarice.

Three words

Passionate, Energetic, Smartass

Favorite Appointment

The ultimate appointment for Clarice is where she can be her shiniest self – a fantastic mix of raunch and romance… and maybe a bit of roleplay. Clarice is extremely intelligent and loves spending time with a man who can challenge her both in and out of the bedroom. She’s always discovering new things she wants to try; so, she always needs someone to try them with. All bark, with absolutely no bite… (well, not hard anyway!). She has a lot of confidence, but really enjoys being “put in her place” if you catch our drift…

In her downtime

An entertainer through and through, Clarice loves making cocktails and experimenting with fun drinks when she hosts her famous soirees for her girlfriends. Her best party trick is saying the dirtiest things she can possibly think of – all in French! She does have an obsession with TV shows, so after a long weekend of partying and late nights, she is curled up on her sofa with a bucket of ice-cream and bowl of pretzels.

Favorite Drink

Vodka Soda Lime