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Lola Stone

“My philosophy is “why choose?”. Do you want to Dominate your little princess? Submit to your new favourite Goddess? Let’s do all of it, and then have a spliff.”


Lola is a petite 24-year-old with jet black hair, piercing green eyes and soft, pale skin. She’s like a modern-day Snow White, but kinkier. Just like Snow White, she’d love to be in the same room as 7 men. She wears an EU39 shoe. Lola is our beloved gamer-girl nerd. She is always bringing in new games on her Nintendo Switch or inviting us to go watch the latest StarWars movie. She takes her career very seriously and is highly professional and passionate about giving everyone a memorable experience.

Three words

Adventurous, Kinky, Gamer-girl.

Favorite Appointment

Lola’s knees go weak when someone books her infamous Kink sessions – in her opinion, the weirder, the better. Her face lights up when a client requests BDSM or face-fucking. Have you ever been pegged? Whether your asshole is a virgin or a veteran, Lola is the expert.

In her downtime

Lola has plenty of hobbies and regular activities she enjoys. Once a week she meets up with her friends at Bondi and spends the afternoon rollerblading. She has two weird looking cats that features regularly on her SnapChat and trust us, they always up to no good. She is a beer snob and will lose respect for anyone caught drinking light beer.

Favorite Drink

Beer, Vodka Lemon Lime Bitters, and Cum.