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Bonjou! I’m on a quest to find my Prince! But I’ll settle for a Jester if you make me laugh… Princess X


While she may not be royalty, there’s a reason she’s called Princess. She is not demanding, but she commands any room she walks into with her breathtaking beauty and gorgeous smile. She has bouncy black hair, long legs and a brilliant smile. She is extremely fashionable, always wearing the latest trends and styles. Her breasts are her favourite asset, boasting a large natural F-cup. Our favourite thing about Princess is her face, she has such a captivating face with eyes that just sparkle. A comment that always comes back to us, is how beautiful everyone thinks she is! Come visit her party palace or book her a carriage to your castle – knights in shining armor need only apply.

Three words

Cute, Flirty, Funny.

Favorite Appointment

Like most Princesses she loves a party, but lucky for you she doesn’t have to leave before the stroke of midnight! Princess favourite appointments are Party Bookings and GFE. She is a true companion model, perfect to entertain you all night. She’s a cultured and classy woman who enjoys dressing up and fine dining. In short: Wined, Dined and then thoroughly 69-ed

In her downtime

Princess dreams of London. She is obsessed with everything British. So, any lads out there reading, if you fancy some chocolate, we have the girl for you! Princess also has a love for baking and music. If she can get her hands on a ticket, she is there. Her weak spot is cupcakes!

Favorite Drink

The dirtiest martini you can make